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Customer Reviews

There is no better resource for help with Apple products. Richard is the Maestro of Mac! He has synced all our products, set up new products, provided personal instruction and resolved any and all issues. He actually retrieved data from an old crashed Mac that others claimed was impossible! He cares about his clients and actually follows up. We immediately go to him with any problem and he knows the answer.

 Morgan G.

We have been using Apple computers for 9 years. Until we met Richard, we had no clue what we were doing. Richard has extensive knowledge of all products and is an excellent teacher. He helped us pick out the perfect new Mac for our needs with all of the essential accessories. After setting up our new system he updated our old computer for our grandson. Following that he has taught my husband and I everything you can imagine and more to make our
computer experience enjoyable.
Firstly, I have tried all avenues available to seek help and learn how to use our products. Richard provided one on one instruction at our home at such an affordable rate that we have been able to use his services time and time again. He has been available almost anytime and insists that we call him if we ever have any questions. We highly recommend him for any of your needs.

Nancy M.

After countless attempts of dealing with the local stores, I finally found Asheville Mac Services. Not only are my software issues resolved, but Richard also upgraded my computer to the latest operating system and synced all my mobile devices to work flawlessly. I had no idea that my Apple devices could do all these things. I am now in Apple heaven.

Jill F.

Richard is my go-to guy for getting my Mac optimized for peak performance. He can get your Mac to do things you didn't even know it can do. He'll diagnose and fix your problems and he'll do it with a smile. Richard is my "first responder" for all things Mac.  Two thumbs up for Asheville Mac Services!

Hank E.

I was looking for someone to help me make the transition from PC to Mac (something I needed to do for a new job). He responded immediately to my call, arranged a time that was convenient to meet with me, and walked me through everything I needed to know to feel secure and confident with this new machine. The added bonus is that he is a designer and a pro using the programs that I need to learn (Photoshop and Indesign)--what a relief and help that was!

It couldn't have gone better; he began by organizing my computer and then proceeded to teach me, using helpful analogies and metaphors, how the Mac works. In addition, he rebuilt another Mac in the house from barely working to “like new" in no time. I call him "the Apple Whisperer"; by the end of two days, I felt confident about my understanding about the Mac and comfortable cruising around the desktop. Whether you need help organizing your desktop, understanding a program, or learning some shortcuts, he is the one to see! Reasonable rates, and a great teacher...I don't know of anyone in the area that does what he does. I can't say enough about what a helpful resource he is. Check it out! I will continue to work with him and encourage others to do the same.

 Donna K.

Richard completely updated my Mac Pro. My computer is now running perfectly thanks to him. He is punctual and very thorough. He also was very patient giving me lessons on how to use my computer.

 Ann M.

Some family members are moving to Mac for the first time. Richard gives intensive training and follows up with phone, email and remote access for further support. He makes certain the computers are completely clean and set up. He shows us how to use all the features and makes certain we have everything we need. He has been involved with this from the very beginning with more than 35 years of experience. I think he has it covered better than anyone. He taught me several years ago and now is the best source for my entire family. He worked with me in Charlotte and now has come to High Point to help the husband and the kids. With remote support it's like having a personal tutor at click of a mouse.

Morgan B.

Richard is a real mac genius. If you are frustrated with trying to obtain service at other stores, need help setting up a new mac computer, iPad or iPhone, require help that is beyond the scope are capable of providing, He can help you.

 Ed P.